How I work

I work completely virtually - that means I use online technology and software to get work done and communicate with my clients. I'm based in the north of England, but my clients can be anywhere in the world, and I'm used to working across time zones.

I am organised, efficient and self-motivated, and once I know what needs to be done I get on and do it without the need for further prompting. My clients don't spend their valuable time chasing me for work (that would defeat the whole object of hiring me!)

I'm a natural problem solver, and I use my own initiative to try and find resolutions to issues that crop up (this usually involves a lot of Googling!). However, I'm sensible about communicating with my clients if it's clear that their input is needed. Getting things done properly is always the goal.

I take data protection seriously, and am working towards full GDPR compliance by the May 25th deadline.

I'm friendly, I value good working relationships, and I treat my clients with kindness and respect. I especially love to work with businesses who feel they are making some kind of positive difference in the world.